Future of Nonprofit Services and the Need for Technology Solutions Like Mission+ featured on "Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership" Podcast

Jack Fanous, founder and leader of tech firm JobPaths and nonprofit group GI Go Fund, shares how technology can both increase charitable fundraising and better connect the nonprofits' missions with those they serve.

Are you using today's technology to further advance your mission and better serve your community? In episode #225 of "Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership," Jack Fanous, founder and leader of two successful organizations, shares how technology can both increase fundraising and better connect nonprofits' mission with those they serve. Understand how having a better knowledge of software options can help nonprofit leaders better navigate transactional fees, allowing 100% of charitable gifts to funnel directly to their mission, through JobPaths new Mission+ tool for nonprofits of all sizes. 

The podcast is hosted by Dr. Patton McDowell. McDowell brings the best in nonprofit career development to each episode, helping listeners find the perfect nonprofit opportunity and guiding them along the path to senior leadership in the philanthropic sector. Patton brings 30 years of nonprofit leadership, coaching and consulting experience, and shares best practices for individual and organizational success based on his work with over 250 nonprofit organizations and their staff and board leaders. "Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership" features more than 120 interviews with nonprofit leaders and philanthropy experts, as well as deep-dive solo episodes and other special editions. 

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